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East Kurdistan-Rojhelat

Rojhelat, literally means East, refers to Eastern Part of Kurdistan which located within current Iran’s borders. In this link you can find some documentaries, mostly in English about Kurdish issue in Iran.

A documentary about Iran-Iraq war and situation in the Iranian Kurdistan

Iranian Kurds Fight Discrimination – Hope for Change

The Kurdish minority in Iran has for decades suffered discrimination and many Kurds have been thrown into prison and executed for seeking equal rights from the Islamic government in Tehran. VOA’s Meredith Buel and Ali Javanmardi report that ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings in the Middle East and threats of military attacks to stop Iran’s nuclear program, however, have given some Iranian Kurds hope for change.

The Kurds of Iran: Past and Future

A must watch regarding the Green Movement, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran. With a history on Ghassemlou, his close relations with Jalal Talabani, Kurdish struggle for independence, autonomy, democracy, and “federalism” in Iran.

Iranian Kurdistan International Conference

30 September 2014 – Justice for Iran’s Kurds was the title and overarching theme of a conference jointly organised by the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and the International Network of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights (INIKHR), which was held yesterday [29 September 2014] at Nieuwspoort in the Hague. In response to the notable absence of coverage on Iranian Kurdistan in Western media and political debates, this conference hoped to bring attention to the human rights abuses and systematic discrimination Iran’s Kurds suffer at the hands of the Tehran government, looking at it both from a historical and a more current political perspective.

Mr Keywan Faramarzi, from the International Network of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights (INIKHR), opened the conference, and was followed by UNPO Program Manager Johanna Green, who underlined the importance of having an open discussion on the situation with both Kurdish political actors and international experts in order to raise large-scale awareness of the current difficulties faced by Iran’s Kurds and other minorities at the international level.

Turkey-Iran bombed Kurdish villages/killing civilians in South – North Kurdistan

Published on Apr 10, 2012
HDNet’s “World Report” correspondent Willem Marx travels to the mountainous border of Iraq and Iran, where Kurdish rebels are attacking the Iranian military, and in response Iran is shelling Iraqi territory, killing Kurdish civilians and forcing thousands of villagers from their homes. Deny against the Kurdish people, and destroy the enemy policy developed policy in contrast the Kurdish people, leads to resistance to the enemy!

So who are the Kurds?
The oldest inhabitants of Anatolia. As old age will not be known. Where they live always Anatolia .. Sons Zagros ..the children of the Sun and fire: The Kurds Kurdistan is Hidden paradise of Adam and Eve, the most ancient peoples of the Middle East is a region extending from the Zagros mountains in the Taurus mountains and the people who speak a language of Indo-European language group. Their name based on a historical geography of Kurdistan, another definition could be called in the north of Mesopotamia. History of the Kurds in the history of resources leads to back 12,000 years….

Mesopotamia at the stage of history before Christ, the many tribes of Kurdish origin appeared to be emerging research. For example, at the aforementioned names, Sumerian,Subaru, Kurti, Guti, Lullu,Hittit,Luwian, Kusin, Kassit, Manna, Urartu, Karduk, Cyrtii, Gordyene, Cord,Corduene, Gorduene, Cordyene, Cardyene, Gordyaia, Korduene, Korchayk,Girdiyan, Gutian Carduchoi, Sassanid,Kingdom of Kurdish Commagene (KomaGel), Kardakes,Sarmatians Alans
Scythians,Medes,Mitanni-Hurrian, Uratian, Hethits, Luwian…. etc. that most of the Kurdish tribes, such as very high possibility. Ancestors of today’s Kurds are mentioned in etymological analysis is understood.

Kurds of Anatolia is one of the most ancient peoples of the genetic, ethnographic, linguistic, and archaeological research, day radiation is etymological. Lived in every corner of the world’s peoples. But of Mesopotamia, have the privilege of Zagros. Discovered at this place. the first wheel turns, the first arithmetic, medicine, made ​​the first telescope, said the first epic, the first poem was written, trade, foreign affairs, diplomacy, peace treaties, the first folk songs, the statues, the first temple, the kitchen, the discovery of the first wine embrace of humanity is created and opened the first theater in the region. Take the sweat of the Kurdish people in all of them are here. Mesopotamia Mesopotamia, the Tigris and Euphrates river area includes names stems from the Kurds.

Peoples of the ancient region of Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilization is an ancient historian and geographer of the Kurds, one of thousands of years ago, talks about the books they write. Since ancient times these books and publications including the Kurds, established many hackneyed, the kingdom, and states are mentioned. Particularly illuminating the history of Greek and Roman historians shed light on Kurdish. Anatolian, Mesopotamian and Iran sources mention the Kurds.

At first Hittite, Sumerian, including Elam, Urartu, Kommagen civilizations belongs to the Kurds to their ancestors (the median).
– Religious self-Kurds, the culture of the Sun and Fire.
– As stated in the Bible, heaven and the Holy Land Kurdistan

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