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ISIS war caused $650mn damage in Kurdistan, Shingal heaviest hit

By Rudaw 11/9/2017 An airstrike gouged a giant hole in the road that served as a vital supply route for ISIS before Kurdish fighters recaptured Shingal. Photo: Kurt Nagl/Rudaw ERBIL, … Continue reading

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The Kurds Are Not Children

They have earned their independence, and the West must get out of the way. Bernard-Henri Lévy Iraqi Kurdish demonstrators wave the Kurdish flag during a protest demanding for the independence … Continue reading

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Kurdistan Pays $1 Billion to Dana Gas, Partners to Settle London Case

By REUTERSAUG. 30, 2017, 2:12 P.M. E.D.T. LONDON — Iraq’s Kurdistan region will immediately pay $1 billion (773.57 million pounds)to UAE-based Dana Gas and its partners to settle a long-running … Continue reading

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Why Iranian Kurdish Groups Remain Politically Weak

Foreign Affairs: Operating in Exile Has Hindered Their Effectiveness By Galip Dalay One of the more notable developments from the fight against the Islamic State (or ISIS) has been the … Continue reading

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BY: CENG SAGNIC – AUGUST 10, 2017- JPost   Kurdistan’s independence referendum may be controversial and disputed but both sides of the political arena in the region promise a tolerant … Continue reading

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Turkey starts building wall on Iranian border against PKK

The Turkish authorities started construction of a wall along the country’s border with Iran as part of its efforts against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), local media reported Tuesday. The … Continue reading

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Iran struggles to address smuggling in Kurdish areas- Fazil Hewrami

Al Monitor– Iranian authorities are struggling to address smuggling in border areas, and particularly the Kurdish region, where local economies are in tatters after decades of government neglect and discriminatory … Continue reading

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