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Constituent assembly for a Democratic Federal Syria releases final declaration

The final declaration of the Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly issued a call to all circles in Syria to take an active part in the building of a Democratic and Federal Syria.

The Northern Syria Constituent Assembly conference began in the town of Rimelan on 27 December and lasted three days. Yesterday (29 Dec), the 165-member council approved the Social Contract draft.

The final declaration of the conference was made public in a press conference.

Constituent Assembly member Elizabeth Korey who read the final declaration stated that the second meeting of the Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly, which was declared on 17 March 2016, was held with the participation of 165 members from the three cantons and Shehba region on December 27-28-29 within the scope of the developments in Syria and the region.

An evaluation of the current process and the latest situation in Syria was made at the conference. Military and political developments, mainly those in Northern Syria, Turkey’s occupation of Jarablus and efforts to occupy of al-Bab, threats against Manbij and Afrin, changes these have caused in the demography of the region and attacks on civilians were discussed at the conference. It was agreed that Turkey’s invasion of Syrian soil must be opposed and resisted against.

Conference participants also discussed military developments in Aleppo and Palmyra, changes in the balance of power and the consequent effects of these changes for the coming process.

According to the final declaration, participants called attention to the importance of a ceasefire in Syria and emphasised that all the key elements should come together around a joint table for the resolution of the Syrian crisis so that previous failed talks and meetings aiming for a solution would not be repeated

Constituent Assembly member Elizabeth Koreyi stated that the gains achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the operation to liberate Raqqa had also been assessed.

“The Executive Council’s report was read. All activities by the committees up to date were assessed in the report. The Social Contract articles’ among the main points on the agenda were separately assessed and necessary changes were made in some articles,” Koreyi said.

“The Constituent Assembly shared the political document set forth for the resolution of the crisis in Syria. The Assembly stated that the Northern Syrian Federation was a part of a Democratic and Federal Syria. The Federal System was decided upon as a democratic solution for a future Syria and a system to guarantee an exit from the current crisis to prevent social collapse. In addition to this the administrative experience we gained since the 19 July revolution -occurred was only possible with the participation of all peoples- has become an example for all of Syria.”

Koreyi said they were calling on all democratic and national forces that believe in a political solution to unite and build a Democratic and Federal Syria that would be inclusive of all all peoples. “We call on all political and social groups in Northern Syria to take an active part in the democratic system. We gift this victory achieved through the blood of our martyrs to all the peoples of Syria for the new year,” she said.

The Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly includes Kurdish, Syriac, Turkmen, Arab and Armenian representatives.

An important decision at the conference was the removal of ‘Rojava’ (meaning ‘West’ in Kurdish) from the federation’s name due to its reference to a single ethnicity. The federation was previously called the Federation of Northern Syria–Rojava. The decision was protested at the conference when a young man came on stage and drew heart shapes around the word ‘Rojava’ on the banner behind speakers.

So far Damascus has refused to recognise a federal entity in the country and has reiterated this stance following the conference.

The Federal System aims for a democratic, secular and plural society, going beyond ethnic and religious differences in the region.

Source: ANF, Kurdishquestion.com

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