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#Dabiq liberated from IS

The Syrian city of Dabiq, located in northeastern part of Aleppo, liberated from Islamic State’s militant in early hours of 16th October 2016 by Turkey backed Syrian opposition. Dabiq (Arabic: دابق‎‎ /ˈdaːbiq/) is a town in northern Syria, about 40 kilometres (25 mi) northeast of Aleppo and around 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Syria’s border with Turkey. The town was the site of the battle of Marj Dabiq in 1516, in which the Ottoman Empire decisively defeated the Mamluk Sultanate. On October 16th 2016, the Free Syrian Army captured the town from ISIL. In Islamic eschatology, it is believed that Dabiq is one of two possible locations for an epic battle between invading Christians and the defending Muslims which will result in a Muslim victory and mark the beginning of the end of times. The Islamic State believes Dabiq is where an epic and decisive battle will take place with Christian forces of the West, and have named their online magazine after the village.

After the fall of Dabiq, Amaq news agency, IS’ publication, has published Ironically this massage:



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