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War on Isis: Western fighters joining Kurds to fight terror group in Iraq and Syria

Increasing numbers of westerners have been leaving their jobs and homes to volunteer as fighters with Kurdish groups in Syria and Iraq

“At the start we didn’t enter any homes. Isis usually booby trap them with IEDS,” Jason Troy, a Canadian fighter with the Kurdish Peshmerga says, pushing open the gate to a bombed out building in Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan.

“Smell anything?” he asks as he clambers over the rubble to point out the remnants of a rocket fired by Isis a few weeks ago. An overpowering smell of garlic hits us as the 38-year-old Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) from Alberta talks with frenzied energy.

“That’s mustard gas,” he claims before asking if we want to join him later to meet his unit.

Troy is part of a large network of foreign volunteers fighting with Kurdish armed groups in both Syria and Iraq. He left Canada last year to join the Peshmerga soldiers on the frontline with Isis in Sinjar, the town he helped liberate last November.

He remembers the fighting vividly. “We were so close to them, you could hear them talking. We were just meters apart at that stage. I’m lucky I got to see so much action but I proved myself. A lot of foreign volunteers come here and just sit around. Not their fault, it’s just the way it is here.”

Troy is one of a handful of foreign volunteers on the Sinjar frontline. The others are former US military, highly skilled and experienced combatants. Unlike his friends Troy had no military training and moved to the Middle East initially for humanitarian reasons.

 “Two of my friends came here to fight Isis. It interested me, especially with my medical training. I made contact with a Kurdish group in Calgary who were an incredible help, then in October last year I arrived here with a Swedish veteran. We were part of the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s) Peshmerga unit for the liberation of Sinjar,”

The operation to retake Mosul and its surrounding villages from Isis prompted Troy to return to Iraq this year but the bid to wrangle the city from the jihadist group is moving forward at a snail’s pace. For more than two months Troy has been waiting on the frontline for orders to advance, a slow moving life far removed from the heroic endeavours typically presented by foreign fighters on YouTube.

Troy admits life as a foreign fighter can be dull with long periods of boredom. “There’s a lot of waiting. You know a lot of the foreign guys don’t see much action. I was lucky to get to Sinjar, for many guys it’s just a lot of hanging around. It’s no reflection on them it’s just how it goes. They do a lot of civilian work,”

On the other side of Iraqi Kurdistan near the Iranian border, more foreign volunteers wait for instructions from Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Syrian offshoot of the  PKK – who have also recruited westerners to join their fight against Isis. The YPG’s socialist ideology has been a magnet for disenfranchised youth from the west, some who travel thousands of miles to fight with the group.

In a cramped hotel lobby in the city of Sulaimaniya which feels eerily like a youth hostel, would-be-fighters wait for clearance to join Syrian Kurdish fighters across the Iraqi border in a region known as Rojava, a name that has become synonymous with socialist revolution.



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