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From Constitution Amendment Proposal meeting: #HDP MPs attacked for third time in a week

Our Ankara MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder: I have held numerous meetings during the peace process. I have conveyed special requests from the Prime Minister to PKK. I slept in bunkers , I discussed with them to bring peace to this country. Today, I am on trial to serve a life sentence for reading the Peace Declaration in 2013 Newroz.

Our Urfa MP Osman Baydemir: What’s being done is not the defense of homeland. Today HDP is being lynched tomorrow it will be CHP.

Our Istanbul MP Hüda Kaya: [To AKP members] I wish you could see that you have no difference with the executors of February 28 coup d’etat. The question is not to be the majority, but to take a stand for righteousness and truth.

Our Mardin MP Mithat Sancar: We see you’re in a hurry. We’ve no intention of delaying you. We aren’t scared. We’ve struggled 4 justice, peace & democracy. Look at the physical state of this commission, the entrance is full of police. All the attacks and what everyone has done have been recorded.

We refuse to be extras in your play. You shall be sentenced in the consciousness of history. We are abandoning the commission meetings!



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