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MedyaMagazine-In 2015, it is very easy to let the media distort our view of certain parts of the world, especially the Middle East. The goal of this article was to challenge the images and ideas that often come into people’s mind upon discovering that Kurdistan is in the Middle East, and proving with pictures (because I believe that pictures can speak louder than words) that those assumptions have no real pillar upon which they can stand, and that they are nothing more than just assumptions molded and formed with the help of the media. I want to show that Kurdistan really is a beautiful part of the world, and that like many other Middle Eastern countries, has been victim to preconceived notions about the people, the culture, and the standard of living within its borders. Enjoy!

1. Mud Houses


2. Intolerance Towards Other Religions

2.This Saint Joseph’s Church located in Ankawa really shows how intolerant the Kurds are towards other religions

3. Bland Food

I would rather eat fried goat stomach

4. Boring Scenery

This scenery is so boring that it put me to sleep

5. No Ancient History

No 4,000 year old citadels here, sorry.

6. Not Safe

Just look at all this violence

7. It’s a Giant Desert

Nothing but barren desert

8. The Women Are Oppressed

Precisely what an oppressed female looks like

9. Boring Architecture

Cannot imagine why anybody would want to visit Sherwana Castle

10. Everybody Rides a Camel

Introducing the 2015 Camel drift race in Hewler

11. Boring Countryside

Just your average, everyday countryside

12. The Cities Are a Ruin

A complete ruin

13. Nothing to Do

Not even a mall to shop at

14. Nothing to See

Just another boring site

15. Kurds Do Not Know How to Party

Not at all

16. The Villages Are More Boring Than the Cities

Another typical looking village

These photos are collected on various websites, all credit and image rights belong to their rightful owners.

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