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You’ll Never Get To Heaven… Frances Holloway


That solid 3D trust-me logo
a warning
this is a story
you may find disturbing

from countries once Iraq and Syria.
Dust-misted land, buildings
cemented into horizon’s
bleak beauty
painted with a brush of gravel.

Kurdish girls dance a dabke
shoulder to shoulder clasped hands
waving brightly coloured kerchiefs
emblems of a nationhood
not disempowered –
but stepping joyously
to Tar and Duf
swaying on waves of Qernête:
female fighters, aged seventeen
graduate boot camp, YPG.

Cut to the captured man –
How many have you killed?
How many beheadings?
Dead-eyed, lips unmoving
his obscene reply –
a number.

The Kurdish girls are not afraid of ISIS
They fear us, they run
believing there’s no paradise if
killed by one of us –

laughter’s melody of liberation.

In packets it reaches me
media’s incremental message,
book ended,
intended to direct my gaze:
I see him, fierce and dangerous
Dark Matter
eyes demonic
atrocities confessed expressionless
so by the time I get to see the knives
I have it, unsurprised –
the brute
the evil

Questions draw the chilling detail
weakly-voiced, high pitched
replies oblige
this feast of horrors from our side
I turn the TV off in fear
of injured sleep.

While washing dishes
the aftershock
percusses horribly.
I duck and parry,
think of something/any else –
but know my heart demands
some reckoning.

Say yes to it, replay it,
read it,
hear again the frozen voice
devoid of any commentary:

And then I’m weeping inside out,
torn open –
to recognise those dead still eyes

Smaller soldiers toting guns
those Congo kids, their
hollowed from the inside eyes.

These too
numbly horrified
stripped of all humanity
by their own hands
and mouthing learnt insanity.

A flick of switch illuminates
the thoughts/the taught to say
Do you believe in the 72 virgins,
that straight to paradise?
Blindfolded men,
their lips repeat
the hopeless affirmation –

Their disbelief outstrips my own.

I see you now!
small boys stripped bare
and broken.
I’d have a mother’s pity
if you
had not been
so very, very bad!

Distilling thought before I sleep:
those fighting girls of Rojava,
joy and vigour
dance across mind’s retina

This war has found its perfect weapon.

* YPG – Peoples Protection Units the armed wing of the KurdishDemocratic Union Party** in Syrian Kurdistan.



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3 comments on “You’ll Never Get To Heaven… Frances Holloway

  1. franholloway

    Thank you for re-posting my poem on this site (I feel honoured). Magnificent photo of magnificent women, who will be in my thoughts till this war is won…and the older one too.

    • kurdishinfo

      Thank You dear Frances
      that was great peace
      I wanted to translate it to Kurdish and publish it but haven’t time for that yet.
      thank you for this meaningful poem.
      Kind Regards

      • franholloway

        I can imagine you would be too busy for translating at such a time as this! The website is terrific and would also be lots of work. However , if you or any colleagues ever wish to use the poem for the Kurdish cause, translated or not, you have complete copyright clearance from me. My best wishes, always.

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