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Recent status of Zaniar and Loghman Moradi; two political prisoners sentenced to death

On 2 August 2009 (11 Mordad 1388), Zaniar and Loghman Moradi, the Kurdish political prisoners that sentenced to death, were arrested by security forces in Marivan and for 9 months have been under extreme psuchological and physical pressure and torture for fabricated confenssions in a detention center in Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau Chiefs news.

After nearly 6 months, these two prisoners were transferred to the central prioson of Sanandaj, and then they were transferred to ward 209.
Then they were transferred to Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj.According to the latest official reports of these two Kurdish political prisoners, at any given moment there is a possibility of their execution.
According to the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners Campaign, already these two Kurdish political prisoners’ cases have been assigned to the Criminal Court that previously was under Judge Salavati.

In this regard, one of these two prisoners’ cellmates that is in touch with the Campaign said: “Yesterday, the attorney representing that named Khoda Bakhsh visited the Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj. During the visit, Zaniar Moradi asked him about his case. Prison officials responded him that the case has been taken of Judge Salavati and has been assigned to the Criminal Court”.

On the other hand, some human rights activists and the family of these two prisoners believe in this file transfer doesn’t mean reconsideration at sentence of death penalty or restore hearing, also it has only the public aspect of the case. Perhaps they want to separate Zaniar and Loghman’s file in two files, one for the murdering of Imam Jome’s son at Criminal Court and the other for the war crimes through membership in one of the opposition parties at Enghelab Court.

They believe that both cases at Criminal Court and Enghelab Court have been done for the final execution of the death sentence for these prisoners.
Loghman Moradi and Zaniar Moradi were sentenced to death on charges through Komala Party and involvement in murder of Marivan’s Imam Jome’s son in 2009 (1388) by Judge Salavati at Branch 15 of Enghelab Court in Tehran.

Yet these two Kurdish political prisoners after transferring to Rajai Shahr prison, in several “letters protesting” separate, were denied the assassinate of Imam Jome’s son and said that they have accepted the confessions that broadcasts by IRIB that happened by inhuman tortures by Ministry of Information.

In addition in these letters they disclosure the Security scenario and torture during the detention, they expressed that confessions which broadcast, were under duress, torture, forced and dictated by the Ministry of Information.



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