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ڕێگە مەدەن تورکیا لە جەنگى مووسڵدا بەشداربێت

نوسینى: مایکڵ ڕۆبن لە ئینگلیزییەوە: على کریم لە مانگى دیسەمبەرى ساڵى 2001 دا سوپاى ئەمریکا ئوسامە بن لادنى سەرۆکى ئەلقاعیدەى لە چیاکانى تۆرابۆرادا تەنگەتاو کرد، ئەوکاتە بن لادن لە کۆمەڵە … Continue reading

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ئاپۆ ساڵی ٢٠٠٦ لە گرتووخانەدا سەبارەت بە وەزعی باشوور و عێڕاق ئەمەی گوت:

تێبینی: ئەو پەیامە لە لایەن پارێزەرەکانی عەبدوڵا ئۆجالان، ڕێبەری پەکەکەوە لە گرتووخانەی ئیمراڵییەوە گەیاندراوەتە دەستی بارزانی و تاڵەبانی: ئۆجالان دەڵێ: “من به‌ گشتى بۆچوونه‌کانم بۆ رۆژهه‌ڵاتى ناوه‌ڕاست و بۆ ته‌واوى مرۆڤایه‌تی … Continue reading

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Syrian Kurds say Turkish strikes kill 10 fighters, wounds 20

A senior commander of the main Syria Kurdish militia, which has been supported by the United States, confirmed Turkish jets and artillery were still attacking his forces north of Aleppo, … Continue reading

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#Dabiq liberated from IS

The Syrian city of Dabiq, located in northeastern part of Aleppo, liberated from Islamic State’s militant in early hours of 16th October 2016 by Turkey backed Syrian opposition. Dabiq (Arabic: دابق‎‎ … Continue reading

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Operation for liberation of #Mosul from IS has begun, #Peshmerga and PKK are part of offensive

In early hours of today 17th October 2016, the operation for liberation of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city has begun. Peshmerga fighters of Kurdistan Region, PKK fighters and Iraqi army … Continue reading

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An academic research; Communal Democracy: The Social Contract and Confederalism in Rojava

Michael Knapp and Joost Jongerden The article engages with the question of identity and self-govern-ment and its implications for the concept of citizenship in Rojava.A short overview of the historical development … Continue reading

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”YPG and PKK are separate but closely linked”

Dutch journalist spends five months in Rojava, says AMBERIN ZAMAN- Diken Direct link The wide band of territory in northern Syria that is controlled by the Syrian Kurds has attracted … Continue reading

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