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Kurds divided over blame for loss of Kirkuk – Adam Lucente

Al Monitor – The retaking of Kirkuk by Iraqi forces in October sent shock waves throughout Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. Protests took place in Erbil, including at the US Consulate. Kurds took to … Continue reading

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Kurds Face Setbacks Across the Middle East- By Yaroslav Trofimov

After securing greater power and influence in recent years, Kurds have seen reversals of fortune WSJ: With Islamic State on the wane, the West no longer needs Kurdish help—and the … Continue reading

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War on the rocks: On Oct. 24, shortly after the U.S.-aligned Syrian Democratic Forces declared the “total liberation” of Raqqa, capital of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate, Syria’s information minister … Continue reading

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The ‘Shia Crescent’ and Middle East Geopolitics- by Fadi A. Haddadin

Foreign policy blog: In 2004, Jordan’s King Abdullah II used the term “crescent” to warn against the expansion of Iranian influence in the Middle East. This was later picked up … Continue reading

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Masoud Barzani and the roots of Kurdish distrust of the United States- Bruce Riedel

Brookings– This fall, Iraq’s Kurds have suffered their worst setbacks in their quest for independence in a quarter-century. Their leader Masoud Barzani has quit his posts in disgrace and blamed … Continue reading

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Iraqi Kurds’ Independence Vote Exposed Risks to Energy Strategy- By STANLEY REED

New York times: Iraqi Kurdish leaders have long sought to craft an energy policy independent of the federal government in Baghdad, courting international companies and offering lucrative deals to drill … Continue reading

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The Kurds Are Right Back Where They Started – Joost Hitlerman

The Atlantic – In a televised address on october 29, the president of the Iraqi Kurdish region, Masoud Barzani, declared that he would step down from his post. It remains unclear … Continue reading

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